White people—especially young whites from upper middle class or wealthy families in urban or suburban settings—are worth more than brown people, yellow people, and red people of any age, anywhere.

We know this because of how the mainstream media responds to different reports of violence.

Tamara Keel is dead-on accurate:

So there’s a “mass* shooting” that would have been a page three wet firecracker in Compton, but do it to some cracker kids from the ‘burbs serving their four years at the Special Snowflake Warehouse & Indoc Center and the nation just loses its collective $#!+.

Apparently busting caps in three people’s asses is a lot bigger deal if you do it out the window of an ’08 Bimmer instead of a ’94 Caprice.

Why do white people matter more? It’s because the fact that the mainstream media’s anchors, reporters, editors and producers are whiter than an Irish albino at a sunblock convention, and they simply don’t care until the losses strike too close for comfort.

Their clique is college-educated with a B.A. in English, journalism,  ____ studies, or a soft science degree, upper middle-class to wealthy, lives in nice neighborhoods, has nice friends, and is almost entirely insulated from the harsher parts of society.

They’ve never lived in a ghetto, never seen real poverty, and they’ve never gotten used to the sounds of gunfire and ambulances and squad cars and distraught single mothers crying theatrically to Jesus when their children gun one another down over pride, drugs, and revenge. The average weekend body counts in some of our inner cities rival that of entire theaters in our recent wars over the same time frames, but the endless and routine parade of these bodies are only numbers to the media.

As long as the body count stays “over there,” affecting “those people,” the real-life Ron Burgundys of the world simple read their teleprompters with rote feigned outrage, hoping they don’t have a name come up that they can’t pronounce. They move on to weather and sports, or the economy, or some other subject that they really care about. The horror, the outrage, the visceral, gut-churning pain… that doesn’t hit until someone much more like them has their future shattered by a madman with knives, or a pressure-cooker bomb, or a vehicle, or firearms.

Boston. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Santa Barbara.

In those moments when the media can actually relate to those being slaughtered, their outrage is unmatchable, untouchable, and unrelenting. Then, and only then, do they use caskets for soapboxes, and screech for laws that protect people like them and their children.

Jashawn? Tariq? Miguel? The thousands killed in “little murders” that only make the local news?  I’m sorry, but you simply don’t matter as much as Cody and Kayla. That is the way of things.

Despite the media’s intense focus on themselves, the vast majority of violent deaths in this nation are committed by young African-American men and boys with criminal records against other young African-American men and boys with criminal records.

Those deaths don’t matter to lawmakers, because these deaths don’t matter to the media.

They don’t matter to the media, because it doesn’t affect them.

On those rare occasions such as Sandy Hook and Santa Barbara when reality happens to Oh My People Like Us™, the media then throws the sort of fact-free, hyperbole-laden hissy fits we’ve come to expect from them. They demand to “do something” symbolic, sweeping, and generally ineffectual. They check off the box, and then move on.

The sad reality of our world is that if you aren’t somebody to the right people, solutions will never be found.

Well-off legislators will listen to their lily-white donors and push for more laws in the name of stopping the last shooting of perfectly good white kids, after the fact. These laws will only affect law-abiding citizens who rarely commit crimes. These laws will not save lives. At some point down the road, someone else’s special little snowflake will snap, and we’ll go through the cycle of hand-wringing, ritual flagellation and blame-casting yet again.

Meanwhile, gunfire will continue to ripples across the inner city. More blood will flow. More lives will end. The cycle will continue.

The cycle will continue because the media and their allied politicians must dare not admit that their so-called “Great Society” has created the poverty, hopelessness, and desperation that fuels the cycle that accounts for the vast majority of homicides.

You see, allegiance to party ideals is much more important than addressing root causes, and admitting fault is a capitol offense… and yes, that spelling is intentional.

They’ll argue for gun control even as they argue to expand the cycle of poverty, and they’ll look at themselves smugly in the mirror from their make-up chairs and think they’ve done the world a favor.

Meanwhile, the inner cities run with blood, even as they run out of tears.