Once again, an armed citizen comes to the rescue of another, this time in Dallas:

There is constant sound and motion at DART’s Convention Center Station, and it’s one of Kim Lanphere’s regular stops.

“I use DART 30-to-40 times a week,” she said. “At most stations, I feel relatively safe, because there’s light and people.”

But as of Saturday, her feeling of safety is gone. Dallas police say she passed 23-year-old Jamail Koroma on a sidewalk near the station.

“I felt him change his gait, and at the time I had by bag here,” she said, motioning by her side, “and I put it on my shoulder, just to hold it safe.”

He not only made Lanphere nervous, but another witness, too. A second woman was near the station Saturday evening, and asked us to hide her identity.

“I was like, ‘I don’t feel good about this guy. Something’s not right with this,'” the witness said.

Their instincts were dead on.

“The next thing I know, he goes, ‘Lady, I’ve got a gun, give me your bag!'” Lanphere said.

The criminal, 23-year-old Jamail Koroma, didn’t suspect that the other woman on the DART platform was watching him… and carrying a Glock. When Koroma told Lanpere that he was going to shoot her, the concealed carry permit holder drew her weapon, and simply told Koroma, “Drop it.”

Koroma took off, but was captured later and have been charged with aggravated robbery.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is that the concealed carrier with the Glock had never carried her pistol in the three years she’s had her permit, until that day. She credits “women’s intuition” for somehow knowing it would be needed, and says she’ll be carrying it a lot more regularly now.

I wonder if Kim Lanphere is now considering whether she might want to consider concealed carry, as well.

Like the overwhelming majority of defensive gun uses (hundreds of thousands to 2+ million, depending on the study), the mere presence of the firearm was enough to send the criminal fleeing.