The Brady Campaign to Lie About Your Guns

Dennis A. Henigan is the Acting President of the Brady Campaign and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and Founder of the Center’s Legal Action Project.


The latest deceit from Dennis A. Henigan and The Brady Campaign this time around simply can’t be left to stand unchecked.  I’m about sick and tired of this organizations flat out lies, intentional deceptions and distortions going completely unchallenged by the liberal punks in the mainstream, in the tank, disgraced media, or whatever else you want to call them.  Take your pick of colorful descriptive, as you certainly won’t offend me.

This round of bald-faced lying actually began back in December of 2009 when the Department of the Interior under then president George W. “Miss Me Yet” Bush announced that CCW holders would be allowed to carry their firearms in the nations national parks so long as they are licensed by the state where the park is located and that state allows lawful concealed carry in their respective parks.  

Never letting an opportunity to mislead and lie to America go to waste, then Brady Campaign President, Paul Helmke made the following statement:

“The Bush administrations parting gift to the gun lobby to allow hidden weapons in our parks threatens the safety of these national treasures and those who visit them.  We should not be making it easier for dangerous people to carry firearms in our parks.  We urge the proper authorities to use common sense and stop this senseless rule”. (Emphasis added)


Really, Paul Helmke? 

He shamelessly and intentionally failed to mention when he gave this bogus statement to the gun-hating, Brady suck-up media that those “dangerous people” he was referring to are law-abiding, state licensed CCW permit holders who have jumped through hoops, submitted to criminal background checks and FBI fingerprint “look-sees”, etc. in order to exercise a constitutional right to carry a firearm.  Paul Helmke knew damn well that he was intentionally lying to the media and misleading the public.  Helmke also knew damn well that those same people who jumped through hoops to get their carry permits have proven to be the most law-abiding citizens in America, with very few exceptions.

Paul Helmke was aware that a bunch of liberal, freedom hating, lap dogs that refer to themselves as journalists would inhale any stinking fumes his exhaust pipe of lies belched then regurgitate those lies without one bit of fact checking. 

Logical conclusion: Paul Helmke is a liar.

What happened next was typical of the gun ban crew.  They would find a sympathetic judge to rule in their favor.  The Brady Campaign along with the National Parks Conservation Association and The Coalition of National Park Service Retirees sued to block implementation of the DOI ruling.  U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly then issued an injunction in favor of the Brady’s, et-al claiming the Department of the Interior’s original ruling was “abundantly flawed”.  The judge’s unilateral decision effectively nullified the DOI’s implementation of their original rule allowing carry in national parks.  Her injunction was later squashed when congress wrote lawful carry into a bill and attached it to credit card legislation that Obama eventually signed and that he now uses as “proof” that he respects gun rights. (He was desperate for a legislative victory at the time. Sound familiar?)


The Brady Campaign failed in the long run, which is usually the case.

Of course since becoming law none of the psychotic, hysterical, “blood will run in our national parks” statements have come true, as is always the case when media goons wrongfully predict “Armageddon by law-abiding gun owner”.  Also in typical fashion, the mainstream, gun-hating media has failed to report that fact, as doing so would slap the Brady Campaign down to size and expose their own reporting as flawed and hysterical.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to do so as you’ll certainly sink to the bottom of the pool. 

Along comes Dennis A. Henigen. 

Since Dennis took the reins from Helmke after his retirement from the Brady Campaign this summer, (it must get tiring losing the gun debate year after year) the lies continue as the same stench about right to carry permit holders wafts from the smokestacks over at Brady Campaign Headquarters.  Take this whopper from Dennis Hennigan’s latest email blast last week referring to H.R. 822, which would require CCW permit reciprocity between states:

“On Tuesday September 13th, a U.S. House Sub-Committee will hear testimony on gun lobby legislation, H.R. 822 which would force your state to allow dangerous individuals from out of state to carry loaded guns in your community”.  (Emphasis added)


Yet again, Hennigan is damn well aware that this legislation applies only to those individuals who have obtained a permit by jumping through hoops and submitting themselves to the above mentioned background checks and “look-sees” from the state and feds in order to obtain their permits.  Hennigan also knows damn well, as did Paul Helmke when he intentionally made the same false statements two years ago, that real dangerous individuals already carry guns wherever they want regardless of any law on the books, be it state or federal.


Mark Walters with Dennis A. Henigan in the Fox News “green room.”

Logical conclusion: Henigan is a liar.

These gun-hating, freedom-haters will stoop to any level, manipulate anyone gullible enough, and utilize their complicit, pied-piper, in the tank, Obama sniffing media in their ongoing effort to rip the second amendment from the constitution.  As a result, it is incumbent upon all of us to call these liars what they are.  Liars.

Want to see what the Brady Campaign is all about?  Join their mailing list and infiltrate their ranks.  I promise that once you do, you will no longer sit on the sidelines while these enemies of the truth continue to play dangerous games with your freedoms and rights. 

Oh, one last thing. Don’t eat before visiting their site!

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Mark Walters is the nationally syndicated talk radio host of Armed American Radio, Concealed Carry Magazine Columnist-The Ordinary Guy and Co-Author of the highly acclaimed book, Lessons from Armed America.  Mark encourages listeners and readers to email him at [email protected]

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