“We never intended to shoot him,” Dr. David Brewer said in an interview with KTHV regarding an incident that occurred at his home between him and his friend and two suspected burglars.

Brewer and his friend were heading over to his home, which is under construction, to pick up an RV that had been broken into the day before. They arrived only to find two burglars in the process of stealing supplies. Brewer called 911 while his friend approached the suspects and a fight ensued.

Dr. Freeman said after his friend was hit in the face by one of the suspects, Freeman, the suspect was shot in the stomach by the friend.

“I carry a gun with me. I have a concealed permit and so he had my gun,” said Dr. Brewer.

Dr. Brewer said his friend feared for his life.

“My friend thought he [the suspect] had a knife in his pocket and was going for it. He [Freeman] grabbed his [Friend’s] hand, and he got hit, and the guy grabbed his hand and got shot,” said Dr. Brewer.

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