Omaha Homeowner Gives Intruder Life Advice at Gunpoint

An Omaha resident heard noises around 1 AM Saturday and grabbed his shotgun after his dog began to bark. Homeowner Rob Wegman tried to enter the detached garage in the back of his property when he realized someone was holding it shut. Wegman proceeded to ram the door open with his shoulder and apprehend the criminal, keeping his gun pointed while his wife called the police.


While waiting Wegman gave the suspect life-advice, suggesting that he should “get a job” if he wanted “nice things”. The intruder had broken into the garage three weeks earlier and tried to promise the return of Wegman’s valuables.

In Wegman’s own words:

“I just stood in the doorway with my gun on him so I could see both ways, because I figured he had a partner somewhere around,” Wegman said. “I told him to get on his knees and stay there, and he did.”

Someone stole items valued at about $4,000 from the same garage about three weeks ago. Wegman said Linson promised to return those items plus $1,000.

“I was born during the day, but I wasn’t born yesterday,” Wegman said. “What did he think I would do? Just let him go?”

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