A Kentucky homeowner and his brother were sleeping on a living room sofa when he heard a commotion coming from the front door. It was dark but the homeowner, Christopher Kelley, thought it might be a visitor…until he saw the gun and mask. Without hesitation Kelley grabbed his firearm and fired at the invader who tried to raise his gun. Two bullets missed his target but the other three forced the intruder to collapse to the ground.

The invader, still conscious, pointed the gun at Kelley. “When he hit the ground before he dropped, his gun he pointed at me again. I told him to drop it. That’s when he dropped it,” Kelley described. “If I didn’t have a pistol myself we probably would have been in a rough situation, you know.”

Kelley allowed the now unarmed suspect to leave through the door, and climb into a car where a getaway driver took off. The suspect and driver went to a hospital where police detained them. Authorities haven’t released details of the suspects name or condition.

“I hope he makes it. I really do,” Kelley said. “You shouldn’t wish that on anybody. He might have been doing the wrong thing, but I’ve made mistakes in my life. Everybody has.”

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