An Ohio homeowner had recently suffered two car break-ins in which multiple items were stolen from her car. On the third day, the homeowner, Betty Collins received a call from her boyfriend who was driving by on the way to work and wanted to inform her of a suspicious man outside a nearby Stop N’ Go. Collins grabbed her firearm and when she heard banging at her door she went to confront the intruder.

“I screamed as loud as I could, ‘get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ And he stayed at the door,” explained Collins. “I’m like, ‘Get off my porch. I have a gun. I will shoot you.’ He didn’t move, so I opened the door and there he was standing 5 inches from the barrel of a loaded .357.”

Collins didn’t shoot the suspect after another robbery attempt at a nearby residence ending in the death of a 24 year-old. Police arrested the suspect and plan to press charges.

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