A Colorado woman is being hailed as the hero of the neighborhood after she fired at an intruder trying to break into her home.

“It was a very beautiful night and I had my windows open,” Diana Richter said. But early Sunday morning Richter woke up to the sound of someone removing the window screen. She saw a man outside trying to break into her room and quickly grabbed her .380. “I don’t know who you are but I’ll shoot you,” she yelled at the intruder—and that’s exactly what she did.

When Ritcher saw the man’s shoe coming into the window, she fired five shots but he managed to escape. Police believe he was not injured.

“It was my worst fear, that’s every girl’s worst fear. You know, two women living in a house alone, it’s everybody’s worst fear,” Richter said in an interview with a local news station. But she wants women everywhere to know that it’s OK to stand up for yourself.

But would Colorado law have protected Ritcher? Guns.com weighs in:

While the would-be intruder was not struck by any of the bullets, Richter states that looking back she knows that she would not have been protected by the “Make My Day Law” of Colorado, (which, yes, is a reference to the words uttered by Dirty Harry) because the man was not in her home when she fired the shots.

According to Colorado law, a person is justified in using deadly force if there are three factors present. One, the person must have unlawfully entered the home. Two, the resident has to have a reasonable belief that the person entering the home is intending to commit a crime either against the property or the people inside. This crime has to be in addition to the unlawful entry. Third, the resident has to have a reasonable belief that the intruder intends to use physical force against the occupants. In order to be protected by the law, all three of these factors must be present.

Richter would later state that at 3 in the morning with someone trying to break into her home with unknown intentions, the law was the furthest thing from her mind. She was only thinking about doing whatever had to be done in order to protect herself and following the incident, Richter has had a security system installed in her home.

“Whoever you are, you’re lucky you got away this time, but God has my back,” she said as a warning to the intruder.