A California homeowner discovered three burglars loading belongings from his backyard into their truck when he came home to pick up something he forgot. The homeowner had a concealed carry permit and pulled out his firearm:

“I was sleeping,” said Tye Shadden. “I heard yelling outside, he was telling them to lay down, on the ground.”

That’s when Shadden said he woke up, heard three shots and called 911.

“I got on the phone and called the cops,” said Shadden.

He never knew that outside his neighbor was stopping a burglary in progress on his front lawn.

“When you’re sleeping and then you hear gun shots, it’s like you don’t know how, like your mind’s not completely awake,” said Shadden.

Shadden said his neighbor told him he had gone to work but then realized he forgot his laptop charger.

“He flipped a u-turn and came back and that’s when he seen people backed up in the driveway,” said Chris Genel, the homeowner’s neighbor.

According to Kern County Sheriff’s deputies the alleged burglars backed up in a gold truck.

“They started loading stuff from his backyard,” said Shadden.

“He didn’t have a cell phone handy so his first instinct was to pull his firearm, fire some rounds in the ground and get their attention,” said Genel. “I respect the fact that he had that idea not so much to cause bodily harm but to handle the situation.”

Neighbors said the suspects have been seen in the neighborhood before.

Three suspects were arrested. Neighbors do not believe they will be seeing these men again. “I am not saying that’s a good thing this happened but there are people like this who are not going to take it,” said Genel.