A store clerk in Pennsylvania was held up by a robber armed with what happened to be a BB gun, when the clerk grabbed the weapon. Amazingly, while the clerk was calling the police, the robber returned to the store to retrieve the BB gun and the rest of the money. The criminal is still at large. Here’s the story:

SAINT CLAIR — An armed robbery in Schuylkill County is being called daring and brazen. It happened before 1 a.m. Saturday at the Exxon Unimart on Russell Street in St. Clair.

The clerk grabbed the bandit’s gun. The robber then left and came back for his gun and the rest of the cash.

Security cameras caught the unusual robbery as it happened. Store manager Binder Tal shared the video with us.
“I think that takes a lot of gall and I think it’s pretty sad, pretty sad for this to go on in our community that that goes on,” Tal said.

In the video, the clerk grabs the robber’s weapon from the counter. It turned out it was a BB gun.

When the clerk was calling 911, the bandit returned and asked for his gun back and once more grabbed for the money he missed the first time.

All this surprises Jason Rockey who delivers to the store.

“Drunk, on drugs or something like that, obviously his mind wasn’t functioning correctly to rob a place and leave your gun and come back for it.”

The store is offering a $1,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the masked bandit. The clerk wasn’t hurt but was too shaken to talk with us.

“The employee just had a newborn baby, not even a week old and I’m sure the thoughts in his mind is, ‘I am a new father, I hope nothing goes wrong with me, my safety is my number one concern,’” Tal said.

Saturday’s robbery is the second at the business in less than two months. In July, police said a man armed with a gun entered the store and demanded money from the clerk on duty.

In both robberies, no injuries were reported, police said.

Police ask that anyone with information on the identity of the thief responsible for Saturday’s heist or on the man responsible for the July robbery to call them at 570-429-3050 or 570-429-2240.