Cop-shooting escaped convict Rodney Long didn’t take 71-year-old Jerome Mauderly very serious.

At least, he didn’t take him seriously until the shotgun blast:

An escaped inmate suspected of shooting a southwest Iowa sheriff’s deputy was killed Tuesday morning by a rural Bedford homeowner who said the armed man broke into his house, authorities said.

Rodney Long was shot to death after he broke into a retired farm couple’s home about 10:15 p.m. Monday, awakening them. Long, who was armed with a handgun, cut their telephone lines and used their cell phone , Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Mitch Mortvedt said.

After about four hours, Jerome Mauderly, 71, shot Long with a shotgun in the kitchen of the home he shares with his wife, Carolyn, 66.

Long died where he fell.

There is no word on whether or not Mauderly considered firing “two blasts” into the air as our Vice President suggested…


…but we’re leaning towards, “not.”