Hysterical anti-gun laws passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting won’t save a single life, but instead are causing thousands of lives to change as gun makers and their suppliers flee Connecticut’s ill-considered and emotional laws.

PTR industries, makers of G3-style rifles, is one of the first companies to leave, moving to Horry (the “h” is silent) County, South Carolina. The company finalized the lease on their new property Tuesday night, and will be bringing 120 jobs to the area.

PTR might not be the lone gun manufacturer in Horry County for long. Stag Arms, the AR-15 manufacturer, is also leaving unfriendly Connecticut, and has finalized their options between Horry County and the Houston, Texas area.

While Houston is nice and has a lot of good features including a centralized location and several nearby engineering schools, Horry County is just a long day’s drive to Connecticut, making it easier for families to stay in touch. This locational advantage is said to have played a factor in PTR’s decision to come to the area, and may be an important factor in Stag’s final decision, which is supposed to be announced by the end of the month.