Colorado Senate President Morse slams recall effort, claiming the recallers "lie, cheat and steal"

Hasn’t he learned that you don’t show your disdain for voters until after you’re elected?

It’s still 24 hours before the recall election, but Colorado Senate President John Morse is already stocked up on a vineyard’s-worth of sour grapes, accusing Coloradans of dirty tricks even bringing the recall about:

Kornacki: if you’re not successful, though, if this recall works and you’re removed from office, what message do you think that will send? there are going to be a lot of people in your same shoes and legislators in the next few years faced with gun control votes. what message do you think it would send to them if you are recalled on tuesday?

Morse: well, i think what it sends is you can lie, cheat and steal, force a recall election and get people out of office. i take exception with part of the show to begin with where this is a grassroots effort in pueblo and colorado springs . in pueblo, an unemployed plumber who all of a sudden had $20,000 to spend on this effort. here in colorado springs they bought the signatures. they didn’t come anywhere close to get enough signatures. that money came from outside the district . they paid three bucks a signature, signatures that were forged, perjured. a woman signed and died two years before she signed. you know, i mean, this has been just despicable to get us to this point. so, i think if if that ends up winning, and i tell people — but that’s all now in the past and we just have to win. to win he we have to vote no and put this behind us. if we’re unable to, don’t think it sends a very good message about how we have done politics here in el paso county

Morse griping about outside influence is particularly rich: he and Giron have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Michael Bloomberg and other out-of-state gun control advocates, and are outspending the recallers by more than 11-to-1.