If you’re dumb enough to attack a man armed with an assault rifle when all you have is an empty handgun, you can count yourself lucky that the thug can’t shoot worth a darn:

The owner of Kennedy Jewelers on East Main Street testified Tuesday that after he spotted a 6’6″ masked man armed with an assault rifle in his store he loaded his pistol and took on the robber and his accomplice.

Shane Kennedy said he first aimed at the pair with his revolver and pulled the trigger, but found the gun was empty. He said he ducked behind his office door, loaded the weapon, then, “I came out firing.”

The pair fled the store after the Aug. 6 holdup without getting any loot. They were soon apprehended.

Making this story more absurd is that the accomplice to this botched robbery could keep his pants on, and his blue underwear, caught on the store’s video camera, becomes evidence that could put him away for decades.

Take it away, General: