It seems that no matter what handgun you mention on the internet, someone—if the comments threat is long enough—is going to claim that their Glock is the superior handgun even if the comparison is relatively absurd.

Pocket carry? Buy a Glock!

Hunting? Buy a Glock!

You get the picture.

Now, we’re not putting down Glocks. Far from it. We’re actually big fans of Smyrna, Georgia’s combat tupperware, and there are professionals with a heck of a lot more knowledge than we’re ever likely to amass that also swear by them, and for good reason.

The basic design adopted and refined from the original G17 decades ago is a generally reliable, reasonably accurate, middle-of-the-road handgun with solid factory support and a wealth of accessories. As police and military units around the world will tell you, it is a great general purpose handgun, especially when a handgun has to be deployed across a large organization.

The grip angle simply doesn’t point naturally for a lot of people.

Until Generation 4’s replaceable backstraps, it didn’t fit a lot of people’s hands (and for some, it still doesn’t work).

The polymer factory sights are “meh” for most, and replacing them is the bread-and-butter of many Glock armorers.

They can and do blow-up.

Glocks are good guns for many people, but they aren’t everything for everyone. Let’s try to stay sane out there, okay?

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