Bloomberg & MAIG plot to lead anti-gun legislators in five more states off a cliff

I guess when you’re a filthy stinking rich anti-gun billionaire, the fact that the liberty-infringing laws you’re pushing are getting your fellow gun-grabbers thrown out of office is of no concern to you.

Fresh off his dual defeats in Colorado recall elections that saw Senate President John Morse and Angela Giron defeated despite a 6-1 spending advantage, Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun Mayors Against Illegal Guns has announced they’re going to target legislators in Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington to push more gun control.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group took a beating this week with therecalls of two state senators in Colorado, but officials with the group said Thursday they believe the battle nationwide is far from over.

The officials told TPM that Mayors Against Illegal Guns is eying five other states where they think they could make their mark if they invest resources. Nothing is set in stone, but they hope there might be room to move despite this week’s loss.

“The short answer is full speed ahead,” the group’s executive director, Mark Glaze, said by phone.


“Full speed ahead” indeed.