We previously posted Colion Noir’s response to the blatantly racist Funny or Die “Black NRA” video that asserted all young back men are violent criminals that can’t be trusted with firearms.

We also posted a link to a video by a group of real back leaders (not anyone Sarah Silverman would recognize) explaining the importance of the NRA to African-American culture.

Now it’s time for Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel of PJTV to respond… and he didn’t come alone.

Sarah Silverman and her left-wing Stepin Fetchit’s should attempt to use a history book for something other than rolling papers every once in a while. Abolitionist Republicans founded the NRA and countered the racist Democrats that founded the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization to re-subjugate recently freed slaves.

The real question here is, “why are liberals so afraid of law-abiding African-Americans owning guns?”

Bigoted much?

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