Charlotte officer charged with manslaughter after gunning down accident victim looking for help

A former college football player got into a serious wreck in the early hours of the morning and walked nearly a half-mile to the first home he came across, a home in an upscale community, to try to get help. Instead of getting help, the lady answering the door panicked, thinking he was a criminal trying to get in, and the already bad situation went rapidly downhill from there:

“To her surprise it was a person she did not know or recognize. She immediately closed the door, hit her panic alarm and called 911,” said Chief Rodney Monroe.

Eventually, three officers arrived.

“He immediately charged towards the three officers, one in particular. That officer fired his weapon several times, striking the individual multiple times,” said Monroe.

“Charged,” or, “stumbled towards?”

It seems all Ferrell wanted was help. Instead, he was shot down over what seems to be nothing more than misinterpretation of his intentions.