Yes, concealed carriers have stopped mass shootings

For whatever bizarre reason, gun control proponents enjoy periodically trotting out the claim that concealed carriers have never stopped a mass shooting incident. The claim is of course a bald-faced lie, and the most recent proof of that being the Clackamas (OR) Mall shooting in December, where concealed carrier Nick Meli drew his weapon when he encountered the masked shooter.

Meli did not fire his .40 S&W Glock 22, even though he had the shooter’s head lined up in his sights as the shooter worked to clear his jammed weapon. Instead—and contrary to the of-stated hysteria of how gun-grabbers assert concealed carriers would act in such a situation—Meli decided not to immediately fire, fearing he might hit an innocent bystander. Instead, he moved to get into a better position.

It is believed that the mall shooter glanced up and saw Meli moving to cover as he brought his weapon back into action. Fearing that he was about to be taken, he instead chose to use his next bullet to commit suicide.

Meli’s actions are mentioned as one of nine potential mass shootings cut short by a concealed carrier in a surprisingly popular BuzzFeed post circulating today, which seems to have been culled from lists previously circulating around the Internet, some featuring as few as four incidents, some feature as many as 15.

Anti-gun Democrats of course, seek to dispute these successful stops by applying absurd qualifiers about who who really “counts” as a concealed carrier, excluding of-duty cops and  military veterans, or asserting that shootings were over because a shooter was taken down as he moved from one target to another. For the serially dishonest, it’s all about maintaining the narrative, no matter how devious they much be to maintain it.

In the end, we know the truth.

The majority of mass shootings end when the shooter is taken down by someone with a gun, or they see someone with a gun maneuvering on their position, and then commit suicide to avoid being taken alive.

It doesn’t matter to the prospective mass shooter if the good guy with a gun has a badge and arrives ten minutes late, or if he is a concealed carrier who happens to be on-scene before he can empty the first magazine at innocent victims, just that a good guy has a gun, and that his uncontested rampage is over.

Good guys with weapons are the only thing that stops bad guys with weapons.

That dynamic will never change.