Guns "flying off the shelves" before new anti-gun laws take affect in Maryland

Thank you, anti-gun Maryland Democrats, for creating another generation of gun owners:

From the well-known Glock to the most notorious assault rifles, guns are flying off the shelves at the Maryland Small Arms Range.

“We’re way, way ahead of where we were last year in the number of people coming to buy guns,” Jack Donald says.

For months customers have been pouring into the store, hoping to beat the Oct. 1 deadline when stricter guns laws take effect.

On Oct. 1, gun buyers won’t be able to purchase 45 different types of assault weapons or a magazine exceeding 10 rounds. Handgun buyers will need a Handgun Qualification License, which includes four hours of training and a shooting component among other standards. Anyone who has applied for a gun before the deadline will be grandfathered in under the old laws.