Home invader shot, killed in Maine

Christopher Dennison learned the hard way that you don’t bring brass knuckles to a gunfight:

Christopher Dennison, 44, of Livermore Falls was killed in a confrontation with Richard Duffy, 48, of Rome, according to Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland.

Dennison, who was wearing a ski mask and brass knuckles, broke into the Foss Hill Lane mobile home occupied by Duffy and his teenage son around 8 p.m., according to McCausland.

Dennison was shot after a brief altercation with Duffy in the living room, McCausland said. Duffy and his son were not hurt nor was Duffy charged.

An autopsy conducted by the state medical examiner’s office revealed Dennison died from multiple gunshot wounds. There is no indication that Duffy and Dennison knew each other, McCausland said.


As gun ownership continues to increase across the United States, home invasions are becoming increasingly high-risk and low-reward criminal actions, and the criminals don’t learn quickly.

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