Yesterday’s comment threads on both the Facebook page and the site for Will it penetrate? 5 lb. gummi bear proves to be shockingly resistant to military buckshot seems to have hit a sweet spot with many of you (as it were), so I did a little digging and found what appears to be the first attempt by this team to use this exact same 5 lb. gummi bear.

The challenge? To stop .380 and .45 ACP bullets, a homemade 12-gauge breaching round, and a 1 oz. Foster-type slug, protecting the flat-screen TV behind him.

Show us what you’ve got, bear!

They call him the Terminator, but I thinks he’s earned the name GunniBear.

Those of you who were curious about buying your own 5 lb. gummi bear can find one at Vat19. Shockingly, the 5 pound monster bear isn’t even the biggest gummi beast they sell.

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