9mm vs .40 vs .45... which is better for self defense?

Another take on the classic debate.

As it relatea to concealed carry in specific, my opinion is that the “better” caliber is the one that a given shooter can fire most accurately, repeatedly, under stress in a firearm that they will always carry.

If a .32 Beretta is something that the shooter fires reasonably well that they will carry consistently, it trumps the Glock 17 that the same shooter shoots more accurately, but which resides in his safe at home most of the year.

If we’re not talking concealed carry but are instead talking home defense, I’m simply going to laugh at the 9/40/45 debate. I’ll take 30-round mags of 55-grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertips in an AR-15 carbine over the most potent pistol every day of the week.