Jerry Miculek: Glock 41 Review

Jerry Miculek knows a thing or two about shooting, and gives the Glock 41 a thorough workout.

One of the neatest things I saw in this video was Jerry’s target machine, which I think would humble most of us, myself most certainly included. Targets pop out at random for just a fraction of a second (sometimes longer) before moving or diving back behind the camouflage face of the target. It looked semi-manageable the first time, but after he sped things up it was purely reflexive in nature.


jerry glock 41

Being one of the world’s elite shooters, Jerry decides to test the Glock 41 at 200 yards.

jerry glock 41 200

Of course, he go a hit.

Did he like the Glock 41 overall? Watch the video to find out.

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