With very rare exceptions, great shooters are not born, but made through a combination of a teachable attitude, top-flight instruction, and hours of quality practice.

It’s really something to watch a good shooter get instruction from a truly knowledgeable teacher and watch their skill level rise almost immediately. It feels like a “Eureka!” moment when you’re the student in such an instance, and it looks like Destinee has that sort of revelation here.

Brannon LeBouef, owner of Nolatac Firearms Training, took some time to work on my shooting stance. His theory is that a shooting stance in a self defense situation is not likely to be dictated. He feels that it’s important, then, to train with a fluid, dynamic, stance, rather than a set style, such as isosceles or Weaver. He shows me how to find a stable, comfortable position to allow me to keep on target. He also took this opportunity to tweak my trigger pull and where I change mags. He believes that, even when shooting for fun, every time you shoot us a repetition, a chance to improve your technique.

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