Finding NEMO... At 1,000 Yards

While the AR-15 platform is the best selling rifle in the United States and AR-10 based rifles are starting to really create a market of their own, they’re still best suited for shots inside 1,000 yards. That’s fine for those of us here in the east where we have thick forests and rolling hills and rarely have a target more than 500 yards away, but things are a little different out west when you start encountering those wide open spaces.


At SHOT Show 2014, I stumbled across of pair of companies that have decided to the AR platform to the next level and tackle those 1,000+ ranges with magnum-class ARs.

Miller Precision Arms is the first one that I saw. It is surprisingly lightweight and is true AR scaled up to handle the .300 Winchester Magnum.

The rifle in the video above is “The Omen” from New Evolution Military Ordnance (NEMO).


It’s not a beefed up AR-clone, but is very similar, and as the video above shows, it’s a shooter.

Nosler also commissioned NEMO to make an OMEN in .26 Nosler for SHOT Show.

NEMO 26-2

If anyone wants to send us about 15-grand so we can buy one rifle from each company and put some high-end glass on them, we’ll be happy to do a range report.

What… no takers?

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