Last year, Navy veteran and firefighter John Cinque warned Connecticut lawmakers in advance that he would not comply with any law that requires him to register his firearms. Connecticut lawmakers didn’t listen, passed a law demanding registration, and now find themselves looking at a law that 80,000-100,000 citizens have rightfully ignored.

At least one Branford, CT, cop is itching to try to enforce Connecticut’s blatantly unconstitutional gun ban, and has told Cinque that he “cannot wait to get the order to kick your door in.”

There are 1,120 State Police in Connecticut. There are less than 7,000 local police officers. Branford itself has just 51.

I’m not sure that the threatening officer has thought through how hundreds of thousands of gun owners in the state—and not just those who own banned firearms—may respond to provocation.

Update: There is resistance to enforcing this law among a number of police officers in Connecticut. Just 250 officers is hardly a significant number, however, and it only takes enough to conduct one raid for Murphy and the law of unintended consequences to kick in.

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