Anti-gun media critics are going to continue hating it, and the set-in-their-ways traditionalists might not care for some of the ideas shared, but the second episode of NOIR is putting forward some fresh thoughts out there towards marketing the gun culture and gun sales experience to a wider range of potential gun owners.

Just as importantly, the Frisco Gun Club and Silver Eagle Group (we’ve shot at the latter, and it is a very nice facility) prove that these ideas have commercial appeal and success.

Noir and Robbins represent a new breed of gun owner, the young, urban and female shooters that the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has noted are the fastest growing segments of the shooting sports culture. They are intelligent, attractive, edgy and hip.

They’re primarily opposed by shrill, aging matrons wallowing in ignorance and fear, a billionaire former mayor who thinks his ego will get him into Heaven, and a mainstream media that fewer people trust every single day thanks to their overt biases.


No wonder the anti-gun media is terrified of them.

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