June 6, 1944: After months of careful planning, deceptive tactics and ingenious misdirection, 150,000 Allied troops descended upon the heavily-guarded beaches of Normandy—all of them knew that victory could come at a terrible cost. The early morning hours brought about a scene unlike any other; the crash of the waves; the spitfire of bullets raining down from low-flying planes zooming overhead; bombs bursting on the shore. For WWII veteran paratrooper John Perozzi, the vivid memories of that day have stayed with him for 70 years.

Lt.Col. Oliver North and the Frontlines team joined 94-year-old Perozzi on what is likely to be his last journey back to the site of the D-Day invasion, where they visited the graves of the heroes who selflessly gave their lives to help free a continent from Nazi Germany control and end the war.

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