NOIR | Our Responsibility

In the opening monologue of the most recent episode of Noir, Colion talks about the higher responsibility we volunteer to take on when when decide to carry a firearm for self-defense.


When you carry a gun, you’re no longer normal. You’re not only a potential savior, but you’re also a potential liability. There’s no room for complacency or recklessness. As long as you have something to lose, that gun owns you. It dictates what you do, how you do it, when you do it, and where.

Guns are cool. They’re sexy, they’re fun, entertaining, empowering, and fascinating.

But all of that takes to back seat to carrying and owning a gun responsibly. If you don’t get that or understand it, then your a** shouldn’t carry, much less own a gun.

It’s a provocative opening salvo in what is perhaps the most thought-provoking and interesting episode of Noir to date, which also features one of Noir’s college friends coming to the range to shoot a rifle for the first time.

While episodes of the show can sometimes be hit or miss, Noir seems to be developing  a distinct personality all its own. While I don’t whether the series is becoming the bridge to Millennials that are the show’s target demographic, the desperate criticism of the show from the radical anti-gun left suggests that they’re worried that Noir and the other young voices of the NRA are a threat to an already anemic gun control cult.

Watch this one all the way to the end… it’s worth it.

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