The video of the story (above) is safe for work. You can also read the story from the local CBS news affiliate.

You can watch the unedited, foul-mouthed, not safe for work original version of the video here, if you really want to subject yourself to the torture. I’d personally advise against it.

Two of the four participating in the walk in the video are in jail, and the wannabe Eminem with the potty mouth doesn’t sound like he’ll be getting out any time soon. Warrants are out for the other two, but they’ve evaded arrest so far.

All face charges related to they city’s so-called CIRV anti-violence initiative. Menacing is the apparent charge.

Apparently, walking through a minority neighborhood with a weapon on your back using racial slurs is not viewed kindly in a civilized society

I’d love to know where they developed the thought that acting like this was a good idea.