Never Bring a Knife...

Robbery Suspect Brett Copeland
Robbery Suspect Brett Copeland

One would-be robber was in for a big surprise when he attempted to hold up an Ohio City Carryout this past Sunday. Armed with a knife, 23-year-old Brett Copeland met his match when he demanded money from a store clerk who happened to be armed with a gun.

The Sidney Daily News reports:

On Sunday, Sidney police units were dispatched to the City Carryout, 132 N. Ohio Ave., in reference to an armed robbery. At 10:38 a.m. a clerk working in the business was confronted by a lone individual who was concealing his identity by wearing a sweat jacket and bandana over his face. The suspect was in possession of a knife and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk, who was armed with a handgun, challenged the suspect and ordered the suspect to the ground. The suspect immediately complied and was detained on the floor until the officer’s arrival.

A concealed firearm can mean the difference between life and death in a situation like this.

Police are now attempting to determine whether or not Copeland is related to a recent string of robberies in the area. There is no telling what else he could have gotten away with had the clerk not been able to detain him. Copeland now faces a first-degree felony and is being held on a count of aggravated robbery.

Copeland’s arrest also may have contributed to the arrest of three other suspects who may have committed crimes in the area.

–Kara Jones