Banshee Plate Carrier Review

An Banshee plate carrier package that we'll be reviewing.
An Banshee plate carrier package similar to the one that we’ll be reviewing. ( photo)

The good folks at sent us their Banshee plate carrier package in coyote, and we’re looking forward to testing out just how comfortable it is (the AR500 steel used in the armor is used for centerfire rifle targets and has been tested by numerous others).


The carrier in question, the Banshee, comes from Shellback Tactical. We chose the Banshee purely because of good things we’ve heard about its quality from guys who have been downrange, and who have the knowledge and ability to pick their own gear.

In this video, ITS Tactical gives the Banshee carrier a thorough gear review.

“Why would I want this?” is a reasonable question for people to ask, and it seems to mirror the same question we were hearing about AR-15s 15-20 years ago before it seems everyone decided that they wanted one.

This sort of armor package is becoming increasingly common due to the number of military veterans who seem to like to replicate (if not improve upon) the gear they were issued. It is also increasingly common for instructors and students in certain kinds of tactical rifle courses (small unit tactics and patrolling courses in particular). It has made inroads into the prepping community, and is becoming common among those who have been made aware of the threats posed by violent mobs (1992 Los Angeles, Ferguson, MO several weeks ago) to both businesses and homes.


Is something like this for you? That’s for you to decide. Personally, we like the idea of having some defensive capability to stop bullets to go along with our ability to project proactive force.

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