Do anti-gun Democrats ever tire of whining?

Moms Demand Action held yet another anemic protest this past Sunday in Ohio.

They were counter-protested by Ohio Carry and Moms Take Action.

Which group had the better turnout? According to Ohio Carry, the turnout for these events was typical, with pro-liberty forces far outnumbering the gun-grabbers.

What I personally find sickening about Moms Demand is their demand that they only they should have First Amendment rights to the freedom of speech. Each and every time that a pro-gun group counter-protests one of their meetings, Moms Demand whines to their fellow far-left allies that they are being “bullied.”

Having to face a differing viewpoint in public isn’t being bullied. It’s part of being an adult in a free society.

Citizens have a right to debate and disagree with one another, despite the best efforts of a certain political party attempting to force through a “fairness doctrine” to limit the political speech of those that disagree with them.

Watch the video of the rally yourself, and tell me while side was more civil.

Who are the real “gun bullies,” those that would fight to protect your rights, or those who desire to take them?

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