The Lockbox Drill

If you’re stuck in a static position inside a booth at an indoor range, this drill is useful for practicing home-defense handgun tactics. PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler demonstrates the lock-box drill, in which the shooter pictures himself being under attack in the confines of his home. The shooter must take the gun out of a locked box, load it and make accurate shots.


Mr. Loeffler runs this drill with the assumption that the shooter keeps his gun unloaded within the gun safe or lockbox.

If you instead leave your gun loaded, or loaded inside the holder inside the gun safe as we do, it would make more sense to adapt this drill to match your personal situation.

For us, this would likely entail tripping over a dog that likes to sleep in the wrong spot and probably stepping on wayward Legos, but it’s hard to simulate those realistic conditions at the range.

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