Five Things You Don't Know About Body Armor

From the clunky start to kevlar to DARPA’s new attempts to build an “Iron Man” suit for the Army, body armor changes how war is fought.

In the 1980s-1990s, having an AR-15 or AKM was a little out of the ordinary… and now both platforms are incredibly common, with AR-15 variants being the best selling rifle in the United States.


Something similar is happening with body armor.

Once just something purchased by military veterans and preppers, body armor is increasingly going mainstream, as many citizens have decided that having defensive capabilities is just as important to defending their families as is having offensive capabilities.

Civilians now have the option of affordable body armor made out of everything from fabrics to ceramics, plastics to steel plates, and even lightweight carbon nanotubes.

Are you part of the “armoring up” trend?

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