My good friend and West Coast Navy SEAL Sniper Monty LeClair created a great stress test course that mixes a range of shots to perfectly demonstrate the capabilities of a MK-12 SPR. Monty has way more time on the SPR than I do, especially since he deployed with it, so I wanted him to run the course of fire. Sitting on a bench and shooing groups is great for zeroing, but if you really want to train, you need to integrate stress training into your regiment. It’s a lot harder to shoot when your heart is racing and you are breathing heavy, which is far more realistic than just bench shooting.

The MK-12 SPR (originally, “Special Purpose Receiver” and now “Special Purpose Rifle”) is semi-automatic light designated marksman rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO, originally designed for special operations forces. The rifle was developed to give small units force projection out to 600 meters, and were typically equipped with variable-power optics, a bipod, and often a suppressor.

While an average M4 might be a 2-4 minute-of-angle rifle, an SPR is often capable of sub-MOA accuracy past 650 yards.

MK-12 clones and variants off the Mk-12 theme are very popular among AR-15 shooters, who use them for everything from hunting to tactical rifle competitions.

The stress test course viewed here* isn’t going to be available to most square-range rifle shooters, where movement with a firearm from left to right, floor to floor, and inside to outside is either flatly discouraged, or is simply impossible due to the physical limitations of the range.

If you can do it—safely—shooting under stress like this with your pulse pounding is a true test of a rifleman’s skill.


* Yes, we’re well aware that the SEAL sniper shooting the course is wearing neither eye nor ear protection, which we strongly recommend be worn while shooting.

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