Eric reviews a .45-caliber air rifle throwing 345-grain bullets at close to 1,000 FPS.

Generating 500 ft-lbs of energy with some loads, this “air gun” is anything but a toy.

In this video we are showcasing something a little out of the ordinary for us, a .45 Caliber Air Rifle. Yes, an Air Rifle. Now this is not your Daisy or Red Rider however, this is an air rifle that can take down medium sized game such a whitetail deer or hogs and also be used in urban type environments where discharging firearms as disallowed.

We talked the guys at AirForce Airguns who manufacture the Texan at Shot Show this year and just had to get one in to do some testing and evaluation on and see what it was all about. The results are very surprising, and impressive to say the least. In this video we give chronograph data on many of the projectiles available for this platform as well as accuracy and ballistics test results.

Update: The scope on this rifle is a serious piece of hardware as well, appearing to be a Hawke Optics Sidewinder. Hawke Optics scopes are built to take the double-recoil of airguns that destroys even high-end scopes designed for firearms.

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