TOTAL RECOIL: Novice Shotgun Shooter Take Blow To The Mouth

A YouTuber found out the hard way that the felt recoil for various shotgun loads varies widely, as pointed out by Daniel Xu of Outdoor Hub.

“James” fires a load of mild-recoiling birdshot through his pistol-grip Mossberg without too much issue, feels a much more sharp recoil impulse with 2 3/4″ buckshot, and then, well, finds out that 3″ buckshot is a bit more than he can control. The recoil from the 3″ buckshot shell is more than he can handle and drives the gun back into his mouth, hard.

His lip split and bleeding, he describes the feeling as like being punched.

His muzzle control was suspect up until the blow to the mouth, and went to pieces afterward.

“James” muzzled his cameraman with the shotgun at least after the blow to the mouth, and his posture shows that he is clearly scared of the shotgun.

We think it would be wise for “James” to swap his pistol grip for a regular stock, and find someone to teach him how to control the recoil of the shotgun.