The 8 Dumbest Celebrity Gun Control Quotes You'll Ever Read

Celebrities say ridiculous things all the time, but when it comes to gun control…they turn into a special kind of stupid. There are so many hypocritical, idiotic quotes out there that we had a tough time narrowing down our list to just eight, but these are easily some of the dumbest anti-gun quotes you’ll ever read:


1) Tony Bennett


Comparing America to Nazi Germany? Way to gain sympathy for your cause, Tony Bennett.

2) Matt Damon

pablo (1)

So, he hates guns…but doesn’t mind making millions off movies like Bourne Identity?

3) Sean Connery

pablo (2)

Must be nice to make a living off James Bond, then criticize everything about the industry.

4) Sylvester Stallone

pablo (3)

Do we even need to mention the plethora of gun-related movies Sly has made?

5) Rosie O’Donnell

pablo (4)

I guess we’re not all cut out for a little thing called, Democracy.

6) Danny Glover

pablo (5)

Wait, did he really forget the four Lethal Weapon movies he made?

7) Jim Carrey

pablo (6)

It was a close decision between this quote and the time Jim Carrey called all gun owners ” heartless motherf–kers”.

8) Liam Neeson

pablo (7)

Oh sorry, Liam. We didn’t realize an Irish actor understood the Founding Fathers better than Americans.

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