6 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Pro-Gun

Earlier this week, we brought you eight “celebrities” who have made some of the most idiotic statements against owning a firearm. Today, we’re looking at six celebrities you wouldn’t expect to be in favor of the 2nd Amendment.


1) Brad Pitt


Despite his questionable climate change agenda, Brad Pitt is a repeated defender of your right to bear arms.

2) Johnny Depp

pablo (1)

We’re not quite sure what you associate Johnny Depp with these days, but the Pirates of the Caribbean star has no issue with owning guns.

3) Jennifer Lawrence

pablo (2)

Not only is she pro-gun, but after being asked about skinning an animal for one of her movies, Lawrence said “Screw PETA.”

4) Bruce Willis

pablo (3)

Good to know at least one actor out there that isn’t a complete hypocrite.

5) Christian Slater

pablo (4)

The Mr. Robot star hasn’t shied away from being pro-gun.

6) Chef Alton Brown


We’ll just leave this here.

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