Qaradhawi in Tahrir Square

Next week is the holiday of Purim, when we remember when Amalkite control of Persia almost destroyed us.  Watch this video, to the end, and notice, as they show Nazi footage of tormented, and tortured Jews and the trenches full of emaciated corpses, how openly filled with envy the Arabs are of the Germans who had the honour, privilege and joy of perpetrating the Holocaust.  The Nazis had to give Germans a chance to believe it was not happening; that what they saw and heard (and smelt) was not happening; that it was ‘only’ Theresienstadt, not Auschwitz.  What they heard from their own sons at the front was not true.  


Not so, the Arabs; they have no such problem.  They openly and with pride (not embarrassment) wish for the chance to repeat, with greater ‘success’ Hitler’s acts.  They would parade it before their people and pass out candy in the streets; like they did on 9/11; like they did after the murder of the 3-month-old girl and her family this past Saturday.  No need to hide it from ordinary folks.  

This is not my ‘opinion; they say this quite openly – but ‘only’ to one another, not to the Western Media. 

Obama, Clinton and the Euro… excoriate Israel for being “intransigent” and not surrendering rights, homeland and lives to advance ‘good faith negotiations’.  For whom is it unclear that “good faith negotiations” is a codeword for Jewish surrender to genocide?  What can possibly be negotiated with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas?  

Here are Qaradhawi’s words, the words of the uncontested leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, in his speech at Tahrir Square, before c. 2 million Egyptians. 

The mainstream media did not translate it.  They are breathless about the incipient “democracy” movement.  Reality is not necessary for the narrative.  Can anyone seeing this believe lack of peace is because of Israeli ‘occupation’ of Judea and Samaria?  Or because Jews are building and resettling their ancestral homeland?  What was the ‘occupation’ Jews were guilty of when Al Husseini begged Nazi Germany to exterminate Jews throughout the Middle East?  The One here who enthusiastically blurts out the wish that “next time it will be the Believers [meaning the Muslims] who will do this to the Jews,” is none other than Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, the Egyptian Moslem Brotherhood Hitler-replacement, returned from exile to lead his people into ‘Western-style liberal democracy’.


Is Qaradhawi an Amalkite?  Clearly, none of us know, but the genes are not germane to genocide.  Qaradhawi exults that Hitler “was able to put them [the Jews] in their place.”  Is there any doubt he is saying that their place is the grave?

Anyone who believes the ‘peace process’ is related to peace is a dupe, a “useful idiot,” in Lenin’s words.  The world’s leaders know there can be no peace between the Arabs and Israel.  They know quite well that no such thing is envisioned, by anyone.  The international press corps sees the facts and they also know; they are not abysmally stupid.  When they say, “tear down the Apartheid wall,” they mean ‘how dare you make it more difficult to kill you’?  And when they demand that roadblocks be removed ‘to enable Palestinians to go about their normal lives’, they know that the ‘normal lives’ of ‘Palestinians’ includes mass murder of Jews and that what they demand is that Jews acquiesce and assist in their own murder.

They know the peace process is about the dismemberment, demoralization and demise of Israel.  That is why they can turn around after every atrocity and urge Israel to be more forthcoming for ‘peace’.  When they pressure Israel to take ‘bold initiatives’ to advance the ‘peace process’ what they are demanding is that Israel walk into the gas chambers willingly and enthusiastically.  ‘Peace process’ is the exact equivalent of “Arbeit macht frei” and they would have us believe that what we see beyond the elegant wrought iron gate with the words ‘Peace Process’ is just showers.  Anyone who supports that position is either a useful idiot or a genocidal Jew-hater ‑ a Nazi, in short; anyone! 


Watch the video and tell your friends how hatred of such depth and depravity can be sweetened.  Explain how there can be ‘two states for two peoples living side-by-side in peace and harmony’.  Would you give land near your children to mount terror attacks; as they have from every piece of ground Israel relinquished?  Eight times now, Israel has given ‘Land for Peace’; and eight times this has failed. 

Persia delenda est … Ceterum censeo Persia esse delendam? 

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