Obama Plans to Sign UN Arms Treaty During Congressional Recess

Over the past couple of months pro-gun groups have spent large quantities of resources fighting the United Nations Arms Treaty. If ratification were to occur, the US gun market could be subjected to international regulation, leading to obvious increases in gun restrictions.


According to Obama’s trusted Press Secretary, Jay Carney, the president will sign the treaty before the end of this month. Of course, his signing comes during a the only time in which Congress takes leave, adding yet another case of skulduggery to the president’s legacy.

From a letter written by CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gotlieb,

The uncertainty begins in the discussion of small arms. Where will the regulations on our small arms start, and where will they stop? They are even trying to include ammunition regulations in the Arms Trade Treaty! Will the United Nations try to impose international licensing requirements, an international registry, or international?

The last negotiations for an Arms Trade Treaty took place in July 2012, just four months before the Presidential election. Obama did not want to take a big stance for global gun control just months before his re-election but now he has made it clear he is for total gun control. He also told voters he would not be re-visiting negotiations for an Arms Trade treaty but here we are.

Since his re-election it has become clearer than ever what is at the top of his agenda; taking our guns away! The Obama Administration has been exploiting tragedies since the election to push gun control at the city, state, federal, and now GLOBAL level.

Our Senate took a stance before the Presidential election when 51 of them wrote Obama a letter saying they would not support an Arms Trade Treaty. We must let our entire U.S. Senate know we do not support international gun control. They must not ratify this international treaty.


But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Senate also has to ratify the treaty, which isn’t expecting to go through. That’s right, even with a Democrat majority the Senate already voted to keep the US out of the treaty with a final vote of 53-46. Still it’s a little disheartening to see the president yet again take advantage of political loopholes in order to further advance his agenda.

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