Authorities Credit One Item For Keeping an Illinois Man Alive

Earlier this week, a concealed carrier in Granite City, Illinois, a St. Louis suburb, shot an armed robber. The victim was dropping off a friend after work when an armed assailant attempted to rob him.

According to investigators, the man saved his life by having a concealed carry permit and a gun to go with it.

“An armed assailant attempted an armed robbery on a citizen. Fortunately, that citizen is a concealed carry permit holder and was armed and was able to defend himself by firing at the assailant,” said Tom Gibbons, Madison County State’s Attorney.

“…Thank God this individual was armed. Thank God this individual was able to defend himself. Had he not been this may could gone in a much terrible way. No one who is a concealed carry permit holder wants to shoot someone but fortunately in this case this armed citizen was able to defend himself and his friend. Unfortunately, the assailant got what was coming to him.”

The suspect is currently hospitalized. Officials haven’t said what charges he will face, if any. The concealed carry permit holder will not face any criminal charges.

The Granite City Police Department is happy no one else was harmed in the scuffle. Neighbors, however, are still in shock.

“I was nervous. You don’t know where the bullets are flying. You hear this everyday. People just sitting on the porch and shot and killed, just from the wild fire,” said resident Tom Chapin.