Anti-Gunners Giffords and Kelly Campaign for Hillary Clinton, Take Aim at NRA

Democrats are now banking on anti-gun messaging as their means of winning elections in November.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and her husband, former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, have launched a 14-state tour to talk about “gun violence” and “gun sense” in America. Americans for Responsible Solutions, their political action committee (PAC), is putting on their tour.


During this tour, Giffords and Kelly will campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton in major swing states. Their goal is to promote Clinton’s stance on stricter background checks.

“We’re going to do all we can to ensure 2016 is remembered as the tipping point: the year that Americans voted to prevent gun tragedies,” Giffords said in a statement.

The couple are currently focusing on Orlando and surrounding areas. They are using the Pulse Nightclub Massacre as a talking point to limit the Second Amendment.

As part of their talking points, Giffords and Kelly are advocating for:

  • Universal background checks
  • Dedicated funding for gun violence research
  • Tougher laws on gun trafficking
  • Strengthening the national instant background check.

As expected, the duo is gunning for the NRA, saying the “gun lobby” is brainwashing the average American.

No, we’re not brainwashed. We’re smart. We know our rights. And guess what? We are ready and willing to fight to make sure our rights are not trampled on.

Does the NRA spend millions in political contributions? OF COURSE. Like any other lobbying organization, the NRA rewards legislators for standing WITH them on their issue or set of issues. In this case, it’s on protecting the Second Amendment.


Does the NRA spend millions in advertising? OF COURSE. There are millions of gun owners across the nation. Reaching each and every gun owner and making them aware of legislative issues can’t be done with $1,000.

Does this mean the NRA is trying to buy off politicians? NO. It means the NRA is advocating for it’s five million members who pay them to advocate on their behalf. Spending five million dollars on ad campaign is nothing when there’s that many people who are members of the organization. That’s $1 per person.

Want to do everything in your power to make sure we don’t lose our Second Amendment rights? Make a contribution in Gabby Giffords name to the NRA. Let’s show them that we, as gun owners, will stand and fight united.

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