TONIGHT: One Night Showing of Gun Control Movie

Tonight, September 29, 2016, a one-night showing of “Targeted: Exposing the Gun Control Agenda” will be hitting theaters across America. The movie is a compilation by Wintons Motion Pictures and KAOS Connects that drives to expose what’s really behind the gun control agenda.


Winton travels across the country, talking to those leading the fight on both sides of the gun debate.

By the end of my journey I had seen a lot. I had learned what America was meant to be. We were created as a nation of free people. And I had realized something more–that we will lose the battle for our freedom unless we remember the legacy of America; a legacy that guaranteed that we can always be free.

And I had found the answers to my questions: if our guns were taken away we would become a nation ruled by tyrants rather than a nation ruled by free people. I learned that our nation was built on this idea and that we were headed away from those principles. I traveled across the world and I have seen what will happen if we don’t stand up for freedom.

The movie features interviews with:

  • Governor Mike Huckabee
  • Senator Rand Paul
  • Congressman Joe Wilson
  • Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich
  • Former California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly
  • Panel perspectives from Dennis Henigan, former Vice President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Debbie Hines, Legal Analyst and former Baltimore Prosecutor and David Keene, former President of the NRA.

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