Protesters in Nevada are Dying to Crucify the NRA

On Saturday, supporters of Nevada’s Question 1, also known as the Nevada Background Checks for Gun Purchases Initiative, staged a protest outside of an NRA-ILA Firearms Symposium in Las Vegas, which was held to give Second Amendment advocates an update on what the NRA is doing to combat the proposed legislation.

The protestors wore all black as they staged a “die-in” outside the NRA event where they were “dying to call out what they say are dangerous loopholes that exist in Nevada’s laws on gun sales”.

The initiative, if passed, would change the law to read:

  • Any unlicensed person who wishes to transfer or sell a gun must do so through a federally licensed (FFL) dealer. He or she must undergo a background check and pay the FFL dealer a small background check fee. Should someone fail to follow this portion of the law, he or she could be charged with a “gross misdemeanor,” which could result in a $2,000 fine, 1 year in prison or both a fine and jail time. That decision would be made by a jury. The exception would be between immediate family members and temporary transfers for hunting or personal defense.

The NRA has been a vocal opponent of the proposed legislation, saying the initiative “would prohibit virtually all private transfers and make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights by imposing unlimited fees and increased bureaucratic paperwork.”

But according to the legislation’s supporters, this is an example of a “common sense solution” and gun owners shouldn’t be afraid of the measures.

Maria-Teresa Liebermann of Battle Born Progress said the group knows responsible gun owners will be able to pass background checks. She said as much as she likes her Second Amendment rights, she also wants to prevent gun violence.

“I feel like those two should not have to go head to head,” Liebermann said.

NRA State liaison Dan Reid said parts of the measure will affect law abiding citizens more than criminals.

“Criminals aren’t going to gun shows and they are not going to follow the laws. They are getting their firearms through theft, the black market and through straw purchases,” Reid said.

Not shocking is the fact that the legislation is backed by Everytown for Gun Safety, which receives major funding from our favorite anti-gunner former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The NRA will continue to work to fight this legislation, as it is a gross infringement on Nevadans Second Amendment rights.