Concealed Carrier Saves AutoZone Employees

At 9 p.m. on Friday, three armed robbers went into a Houston-area AutoZone store, where they held employees at gunpoint and demanded they empty the till. What the suspects didn’t see coming: a concealed carrier pulling into the parking lot.


When the good samaritan saw what was happening from the parking lot, he quickly drew his concealed carry gun, walked into the store and demanded the robbers drop to the ground. He then disarmed the robbers while Houston County Sheriff’s deputies were en route.

No shots were fired and no one was injured during the encounter.

All three men were arrested and will likely face felony charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Their fate will be decided in one of Harris County’s State District Courts.

The concealed carrier was released and will not be arrested for his actions.

Under current Texas law, concealed carry (LTC) permit holders are allowed to use their firearms to protect their lives and the lives of others.

While police appreciate this concealed carrier’s bold move, police do not recommend other concealed carriers to take such bold moves. According to police, things could have ended badly, resulting in a shootout or numerous people being hurt.

Currently, the Harris County Sheriff’s department is not releasing any more information on the three suspects.

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