Jaguar Owner Pounces on 17-year-old Armed Robber



On Wednesday, a 17-year-old in Ocala, FL took it upon himself to free valuable items from a number of vehicles. But his fate changed when he jumped into a Jaguar and attempted to steal a man’s credit cards and jewelry.


When the owner of the car saw the kid sitting in his Jaguar, he went outside, and as he approached his vehicle, the brazen brat held up a gun. At that moment, the man saw one of his rings on the kid’s finger and he knew he was being robbed.

The man struggled to get the gun away from the robber and the kid was hit in the side of the head, where he sustained a bloody gash. When the man finally gained control of the pistol, he held the 17-year-old at gunpoint until deputies arrived.

The teen was arrested and transported to a local hospital where he received medical attention for his head wound. Police escorted him in for questioning immediately following his release.

The thief admitted to burglarizing numerous vehicles in the area and stealing electronics, cash and a gun, according to the sheriff’s report. Some of the property recovered by deputies was returned to their owners.

The young man is facing charges, including grand theft, assault with intent to commit a felony, armed burglary and burglary.

Police are not releasing the teen’s name because he is a minor.

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