If you’re like me, you have gotten into the “adult coloring book” fad. It really is relaxing. And why should kids be the only one to enjoy coloring?!

Well now you can put away the abstract and flower coloring books, gun owners because the NRA has partnered with Kimberly Kolb Eakin, a retired Sergeant First Class in the United States Army, to provide “Full Metal Coloring,” a coloring book for gun lovers.

“I am truly honored that the NRA will be offering Full Metal Coloring to its members. Its themes are comfortable for the shooting sports participants and those who carry firearms as part of their profession,” said Eakin.

Not only does this coloring book allow for relaxation, but it’s educational, too!

“Adult coloring as a means of relaxation is calming, meditative and provides the quiet Zen feeling similar to that needed for competitive success on the range. The themes in Full Metal Coloring are comfortable for members of the military, veterans and shooting sports participants,” Eakin explains.

As you color your way through the book, you learn about different types of firearms from every period of history.



The coloring book is 70 pages and includes firearms and military themes, which is great for patriots.

Colorful bonus: If you purchase a copy of the coloring book directly through the NRA’s online store, your contribution goes directly to help fight for our Second Amendment rights.